Our four core delivery projects are: Crafting Relationships, Our Memory Lanes, the Good Values Project and Local History Cafe. Each has it’s own separate page to look through.

'Older people from different communities in the Leicester Ageing Together programme have been enthused by and benefited from BUA's thoughtful and skilled approach to building intergenerational relationships through everyday creativity.'
Rob Hunter
Chair, Leicester Ageing Together
‘Seeing older tenants learn new things or discover the joy of past interests and possibilities is remarkable. Our partnership, headed up by Katherine, has enabled a wide range of activities to be held at emh homes sheltered schemes including: crafting, sewing & printing art for the walls of the scheme, dancing and intergenerational work with a local school, breaking down generational barriers. The dance and movement classes in particular had a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of the tenants that attended. Building up muscles and flexibility to prevent falls and reduce pain the positive mental health benefits of laughter and being able to try new things and to be introduced to music from different cultures was enjoyed by all.’
Maria Ward
Sheltered Housing Manager, emh homes