Move over Alan Sugar …

…. because our project buddies know how to design and sell a product!

Our work at St. Mary’s has been rewarding in so many ways. Not only do I feel like we’ve formed some bonds with the residents there by sharing stories and creating new memories, but in addition a number of new opportunities and friendships are starting to develop which will hopefully continue for a good while ahead.

Session three with St. Mary’s and local primary school John Wycliffe involved writing an advert for your newly developed product and then being filmed.

Project buddies were very clear about what their new product would be called, how much it would cost and exactly why you should buy it and as always worked together as a team to produce a cracking advert!

As the sun was out and a photographer came along to record the project for St. Mary’s, we all ended up outside having a cup of tea and watching the children do handstands on the grass for their final 10 minutes.

Below are a few photos from the end of the session.

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