Welcome to Crafting Relationships. 

We are a values led, not for profit, social enterprise working within a continual cycle of delivery, learning and coaching.

We run programmes with older community members and primary age children, independently and together.

We also offer coaching for other organisations, large and small, on how to run great social good initiatives.

Our side hussle, The Good Values Project, is a gentle exploration of manners and values.

What’s our motto? Value your values and take good to great.

Our core programmes:

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Intergenerational, creative workshops.

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A Book of Me is a creative, hard copy resource and associated workshops for anyone diagnosed with dementia, looking for a way to keep hold of their individuality throughout the journey ahead.


Heritage and wellbeing get-togethers for over 50s at risk of, experiencing, or looking to keep at bay, social isolation and loneliness. Working in partnership with museums and libraries. 


Side project:

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A light hearted exploration of manners and values. Podcasts, projects, products and ponderings.